Technical Support

The Combined Technical Office (CTO) is used by the ship's engineer and his staff to gather technical information and for watch keeping. Watch keeping is passive, i.e. it is done on a 'slave computer' that only provides information on the technical systems. Sensors provide information on the machinery and the watertight doors, hatches and bilges. Actual maintenance and interventions must be performed locally.

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Routine maintenance is also planned in the CTO, where the engineer can monitor the progress. The CTO doubles as the damage control headquarters.

Electronic equipment can be repaired on board, important when the ship is at sea for extended periods. The echo sounder, sonar, radar and communications equipment must be in a working order to effectively facilitate the ship's role.

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The clerks in the stores office are responsible for the ship's logistic and supply administration. Amongst other things, they ensure that the SAS PROTEA receives the required victuals, fuel and technical equipment before setting to sea.