The large engine room houses four 12-cylinder MTU diesel engines. All four engines are geared to one shaft driving the controllable pitch propeller. Although the engines provide enough power for the SAS PROTEA to reach a speed of up to 16 knots, speeds of between 8 and 12 knots are sufficient in normal circumstances. The option to use only two or one of the engines allows for a more fuel-efficient configuration. The total output of the four engines is 3 940 kilowatts.

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The engine room also houses four 440 volt / 60 hertz generators to supply the ship with all its electrical requirements. A further emergency generator provide power in case of generator failure. The emergency generator starts automatically when it is required, minimizing power loss to a couple of minutes.

A bird's eye view of the transverse bow thrust unit space.

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The machinery control room is an elevated space with a grand view over the engine room. It provides a platform from where the engine watch-keepers can monitor the machinery and change certain engine settings.

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MTU V12 diesels.