Survey Chart Room

The SAS PROTEA is fitted with modern echo sounding equipment, sonar for the examination of the sea-bottom and the location of underwater objects, data logging and processing systems and uses some of the finest survey equipment available.

Much of the software in use has been developed in South Africa specifically for the SAS PROTEA.


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The hydrographic surveyors receive their training locally and abroad. A number of them are Category A Hydrographic Surveyors.

Planning for a survey is done in the Survey Chart Room, where the charts of the survey area are laid out on the chart table.

The accurate processing of the survey information can be done whilst at sea. The results of surveys are submitted to the Hydrographer for publication.

Data from the survey is sent to computers in the survey chart room and can be displayed in a two-dimensional grid format.

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A wealth of oceanographic information is collected during surveys.

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The survey chart table is central to the survey chart room. The SAS PROTEA has submitted more than 100 completed surveys of the South African coastline, thus ensuring safe passage to the thousands of vessels using our waters annually.

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Modern hydrographic and oceanographic survey methods are largely computerized.