Valour Class Patrol Corvette

F145 SAS Amatola
F146 SAS Isandlwana
F147 SAS Spioenkop
F148 SAS Mendi

A project to restore the SA Navy with a new surface combatant was launched in 1993. The aim is to acquire a patrol corvette capability for the SA National Defence Force.

Ship's Specifications

The aim is being achieved through the acquisition of fully equipped and operationally qualified patrol corvette vessels plus...

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...their organic helicopters for the SA Navy, and the successful integration of these vessels and helicopters into the SA Navy and SA Air Force user systems. The vessels are all expected to be fully operational by 2006. Four Westland SUPER LYNX maritime helicopters will be procured via a sub-project.

The vessels are being acquired from a single main contractor, European South African Corvette Consortium (ESACC), responsible for delivering a total vessel. The ship platforms are built in Germany, accepted in German waters and then sailed to Simon’s Town by the SA Navy. Combat suites will be integrated, installed and tested in South Africa, followed sea trials and acceptance of the ships.

The Patrol Corvettes feature a unique frigate propulsion design: CODAG, that is Combined Diesel And Gas Turbine (combining in the water), and WARP, that is Waterjet And Refined Propellors (32 megawatt installed power). A 20-megawatt gas turbine drives the centreline waterjet and two 6-megawatt diesels turn the two propellers. A cross-connectable gearbox system allows for several engine/driveshaft configurations.

The VALOUR Class ships have a stealth design, including very low radar, infra-red, acoustic and magnetic signatures, a horizontal exhaust, waterjet propulsion and an X-shaped hull design that reflects radar waves away from the source.

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The first to arrive - SAS AMATOLA in Table Bay, Tuesday, 4 November 2003

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SAS ISANDLWAWA alongside in Simon's Town.