Valour Class Patrol Corvette

Diesel Engine Room

Each of the two MTU TB1163 16V diesel engines generate 6 megawatts. Four turbochargers per engine also enhance the ship's fuel efficiency. The engines are encapsuled, reducing engine noise and protecting them from the carbon dioxide firefighting systems. A combination of 3 four-clutch gearboxes allow the ship to be propelled with a number of alternative engine/propeller shaft configurations.

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Although all engines are controlled from the machinery control room,
 system checks can be done locally.

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It is difficult to get a clear picture of the diesel engines because they are physically huge.  Walkways are built around the almost two story high engines. The engines are surrounded by hoses, ducts, pipes and equipment. The image above provides some idea of what it like to be up-close to one of the engines.