Valour Class Patrol Corvette


The ship's Captain or the Officer of the Watch, depending on who has the con, give navigational orders from the bridge whilst the ship is underway. These orders can include steering changes and engine speed adjustments. Electronic or visual communication with other ships is also controlled from the bridge. Lookouts on the bridge wings keep a visual lookout for other vessels or navigational hazards.

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Ship's compass rose

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Ship's Global Positioning System (GPS) display.

Bridge of SAS SPIOENKOP. This image was taken on her maiden voyage home, just off the coast of the Canary Islands on 19 March 2004. The image was transmitted via satellite and received days before she docked in Simon's Town.  "Steering course 226 South, sea state calm, weather conditions good, speed 17 knots and at 14:00B still had 4540 NM remaining", reads the situation report.