Valour Class Patrol Corvette

At Sea

Length, overall: 121 m
Length, waterline: 107,3 m
Beam, Overall: 16 m
Draught, Navigation: 5,95 m
Max Displacement: 3 600 tons
Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine (CODAG) with Waterjet and Refined Propellors (WARP)
Speed (CODAG): 30 knots
Speed, 1 x Diesel only: 18 knots
Speed, 2 x Diesels only: 23 knots
Speed, Gas Turbines only: 25 knots
Range at 16 knots: >8 000 nm
Crew (incl Heli): 117
Spare berths: 25
Endurance (stores): >28 days

Armament includes:
2 x 20 mm Canons
1 x 35 mm Gun
1 x 76 mm Gun
Anti-Ship Missiles
Anti-Air Missiles
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The Valour Class Patrol Corvette leaves a serious wake behind at full speed.

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A view of the bow when at full ahead.

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Keeping watch whilst underway.