The South African Navy operates and maintains three Class 209 Type 1400 (Mod SA) submarines with a Personnel Establishment Table (PET) totaling 126 posts, the majority being technical. Apart from the boats, the greater Submarine Service comprises of personnel from the following sections/units all requiring specialist submarine skills:

a. Fleet Command Headquarters 4 staff posts

b. Fleet Maintenance Unit 25 technical posts

c. System Manager Submarine Support 5 technical posts

d. Submarine Training School (SMTS) 22 technical posts


'Important personality traits for a SA Navy Submariner are motivation, career orientation, hard working, practical, think on his feet, vibrant personality, open-minded, team player and level-headed individual'.

The Submarine Training School

The Submarine Training School (SMTS) is responsible for the formal training of all submariners and has the capacity to train 40 new submariners (direct/fleet entry) per year. It is thus imperative to run two General Submarine Knowledge courses () per year with a minimum of 20 learners per course, to supply qualified submariners to the greater Submarine Service and to address natural attrition or resignations.

Academic Profile.

The direct entry applicant must show an ability to attain the skills required of a submariner or have the potential to pass the intense and demanding courses required of a submariner. The minimum academic qualifications recommended are as follows:

a. Completed Grade 12 with passes in English, Mathematics (not functional mathematics) and Science. Standard Grade D symbols.

b. Completed the academic cycle of their qualification at a Technical training school/institute with passes in the Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic direction.

c. Mechanical N3 subjects to include, Diesel Trade Theory, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Science and Mathematics.

d. Electrical N3 subjects to include Electrical Trade Theory, Industrial Electronics, Logics and Mathematics.

e. Radio/Radar N3 subjects to include Radio Theory Industrial Electronics Logic Systems and Mathematics.

Note: If an applicant is currently busy with Grade 12 or a N3 qualification, mid term results will be considered.



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