About SAS Saldanha

SAS Saldanha is situated along the tranquil waters of the Saldanha Bay Lagoon and it is the largest training unit for the South African Navy.

The core business of the Unit is to conduct various functional courses for various rank groups amongst the non-commissioned officers. The courses that are presented on the unit include the Naval Gymnasium Programme (Military Skills Development Programme), the Military Training for Ratings Part 2 (MTR2) and the Military Training for Ratings Part 3 (MTR3).

Vision of SAS Saldanha

SAS Saldanha - A leading Naval Training Unit conducting world class training.

Mission of SAS Saldanha

To provide Military Education Training and development to Naval Ratings so as to satisfy the need of the Navy and to develop ratings for their future rolls in the Navy.

It stands to reason that there are various support departments within the unit that makes the presentation of the different courses possible, such as logistics, human resources, a medical sickbay etc. In addition to these departments the unit is also equipped with a base technical section that maintains all technical functions in the unit as well as three Harbour Patrol Boats. The Unit also maintains a Nature Reserve of ±900 ha that is used extensively as a training area.

SAS Saldanha prides itself in having a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals that strive to provide the best service to the Fleet in general, and to produce high-quality sailors that can be used productively in the Fleet.

The rest of this document is dedicated to provide a detailed account of all the various training that is conducted at SAS Saldanha.

We trust that you will enjoy your visit to SAS Saldanha.




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