Military Training for Ratings Part 2 (MTR2)

This course is a formative requirement for all Leading Seaman to become Petty Officers and to function as lower-middle management. The mission of the MTR 2 division is to train Leading Seamen and Petty Officers in the knowledge, skills and attitudes required from them in order for them to effectively carry out their duties as future senior ratings and leaders.

This course is very practical in nature and places the emphasis on presenting subjects that the learner must be able to do in the work environment. Some of the subjects that are presented include:

Life Skills, Divisional Duties, Parade Ground Competency, Leadership, Small Arms Handling and Firing, Ceremonial Duties, Communication, Military Law, Military Social, Security, Survival, Civic Education and Physical Training.

This course culminates in a Practical Leadership exercise in which the learners are exposed to physical and mental challenges where they must employ their leadership skills to overcome problems as a team.

In the future this course will be aligned with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This course serves as a foundation for the Military Training for rating Part 3 course, which will be discussed next.




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