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18/09/2004 The Spirit Of Mendi Lives On. The fourth and last patrol corvette in the current acquisition programme of the SA Navy, the SAS Mendi, arrived home in Simon's Town from Kiel, Germany, on Friday 17 September 2004. Click here to read more...

17/09/2004 Almost Home. Thursday was spent cleaning up the ship and getting it ready for the arrival.

16/09/2004 Petty Officer Dennis Ndaba is a journalist for SA Soldier and Petty Officer Eddie Kgomo a television cameraman at Defence Television. The two members were invited to sail with the SAS Mendi on her maiden voyage to South Africa.

15/09/2004 Cooking Competition. Whilst at sea for extended periods, members of the ship's company always come up with ideas as to make the trip as interesting as possible.

11/09/2004 Most sea time. Meet the man with the most sea time on board the MEKO A200 CORVETTES

10/09/2004 Blue water capability. Why was it necessary to buy patrol corvettes for the SA Navy?

09/09/2004 Focus on the Crew.  Part 2 of introducing some of the SAS Mendi's crewmembers is now available.

08/09/2004 Focus on the Crew Meet some of the SAS Mendi's crewmembers.

04/09/2004 Operating the new Patrol Corvettes of the SA Navy. A Navy is the only force structure (between the Army, Air Force and Military Medical Health Services) that operates in all spheres of a battle space.

03/09/2004 SAS Mendi departs for South Africa The SAS Mendi left the naval port of Rota at 13:00 on Thursday 2 September 2004.

01/09/2004 Why Rota? The main reason why the SAS Mendi visited Rota was to take up fuel...

01/09/2004 Alongside in Rota The Officer Commanding SAS Mendi, Captain Kevin Packer and, Director Fleet Human Resources, Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) Kanyisele Litchfield-Tshabalala made courtesy calls on the senior admirals of the Spanish Navy in Rota.

30/08/2004 SAS Mendi arrives in Spain. The SAS Mendi entered the Spanish military port of Rota at midday on Monday 30 August.

29/08/2004 Woman on board the SAS Mendi. The SAS Mendi has a total of seven women on board, out of a crew of sixty-four...

28/08/2004 Testing new technology. At 08:30 the executive officer (XO) surprised the ship's company with a couple of exercise drills...

27/08/2004 Alongside in Brest. The French Navy invited the crew for a soccer match. Pride was done to South Africa when team Mendi won 7 to 4.

25/08/2004 The SAS Mendi in Brest. The SAS Mendi arrived at the French naval harbour of Brest.

23/08/2004 Memorial wreath laying for the SS Mendi and her crew

22/08/2004 SAS Mendi heading home, at last.

20/08/2004 SAS Mendi ready to depart.

19/08/2004 Maiden Voyage of South Africa's last Patrol Corvette SAS Mendi Click here to read more...

Click here fo a historical perspective on the SAS Mendi

08/07/2004 The SAS Mendi is conducting signature measurement trials in Eckenfordje (Germany).
These trials comprise subsurface and surface signature measurement. Click here to read more...

18/06/2004 SAS Mendi Handed over to SA Navy
The SAS Mendi was handed over to the SA Navy at a colourful ceremony on 15 June 2004. Click here to read more...


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Commissioning the SAS MENDI
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Name giving ceremony
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Hoisting the SA flag for the first time.
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SAS MENDI crew embarking




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