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Pata Pata




2012 All of me

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CD Track List

01 After the Loving 08 How High the Moon
02 Avalon 09  All of Me
03 What a Wonderful World 10  Mannenberg
04 Bourbon Street Parade 11  Lady in Red
05  Simon's Town Salsa 12 Pennywhistle Song
06 Over the Rainbow 13 Lady
07 Under Paris Skies 14 Besame Mucho

2010 Warriors of the Seas

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Track List CD 1

01 Festive Overture 06 Busybodies
02 Bouncing Sticks 07 Conquest of Paradise
03 Ecleggtic 08 MacArthur Park
04 Wind Beneath my Wings 09 Warriors of the Seas
05 Steps of Glory    
Track List CD 2
01 Battle of Isandlwana - 1879

Music from the sea

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Track List

01 Hebe - A war-cry used by African tribes before going into battle 09 Elomshado - A traditional wedding song
02 Mavolovolo - A song about people afraid of war 10 Mamaliye - Thanksgiving song for a care-giver
03 Igqirha Lendlela - The “Click” song 11 Thina Sobabili - A love song Meadowlands - A Township song of the 1950s
04 Robben Island 12 Bana Baskolo - A children’s song about going to school
05 The Lion Sleeps Tonight 13 Shaka Zulu - King and warrior of the Zulu Nation in the 19th Century
06 Uzuko - African Gospel song 14 Yehla Moya - Tribute to the sinking of the SS Mendi in 1917
07 Amademoni - African Gospel song 15 Amazing Grace
08 Yiza Nezembe - A song about cutting wood 16 Mdali Wethu - Song requesting God to Bless Africa


Celebrating 50 Years of Music (1954- 2004).

A commemorative 3-CD box set celebrating the Band's 50th anniversary.

A commemorative 3-CD box set celebrating the Band's 50th anniversary. A commemorative 3-CD box set celebrating the Band's 50th anniversary.
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CD case front CD case back  
The box set comprises 3 compact disks of the following titles:
Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
On The March
Big Band
In Concert
01 Processional Fanfare No 1
02 Silver Arrow  
03 Song of the Heather  
04 With Flying Colours
05 On Patrol  
06 Bridge on the River Kwai  
07 By Land and Sea
08 Duikboot van ons Vloot  
09 Eagle Squadron  
10 Imperial Echos  
11 Men of Music  
12 Namur  
13 Royal Artillery March  
14 Voice of the Guns  
15 My Hart verlang na die Boland  
16 Radetzky MarchRadetzky March  
17 Freiweg  
18 Mama Themba’s Wedding
19 The Day Thou Gavest  
20 National Anthem  
21 Preobrajensky  
22 On the Quarter Deck  
23 Anchors Aweigh
01 A Ghost of a Chance  
02 Airmail Special
03 A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
04 Basically Blues  
05 I’ll Remember April
06 Leave us Leap  
07 My Guys Come Back  
08 Night Train  
09 Stagecoach  
10 Sugarbush
11 The Beat  
12 The Kid From Redbank  
13 Tommy Dorsey Collection
14 Woodchopper’s Ball  

Not only does this CD box set provide the listener with a treasure trove of music, it also gives fans a historic glimpse of the SA Navy Band, and how it progressed and changed throughout the years.

Note that all songs are the authentic recordings of the Navy Band throughout the years.

01 Fame and Glory
02 Victory at Sea  
03 Chorale and Fugue  
04 Instant Concert  
05 Sabre Dance
06 La Mascarada  
07 Trumpet Fiesta  
08 Songs from Africa  
09 Pata Pata
10 Lady in Red
11 Sapper Patrol  
12 Township Jazz
13 Marimba Rhythms  
14 Gunsteling Keuse  
15 Hooked on Soweto  
16 Sailing  
17 Exodous  
18 1812 Overture  

Also included are profiles of all the Band masters and the contributions that each of them made towards making the SA Navy Band the National Treasure that is has become.

Celebration Part One, Two and Three

  Unfortunately the Celebration CDs are out of stock, but please do not hesitate to
   enquire about availability. Re-prints are possible, depending on demand.

CD Cover - Celebration Part 1 - out of stock Out of stock

Track List

01 Fame and Glory 09 Royal Salute
02 Hungarian Dance 10 Thunder and Lighting Polka
03 Trumpet Fiesta 11 Moonlight Serenade
04 La Mascarado 12 Free and Easy
05 African Songs - A 13 March Medley
06 African Songs – B 14 Lady in Red
07 Beatles Medley 15 Radetzky March
08 Imperial Echoes 16 The Coming Night

CD Cover - Celebration Part 2 - out of stock Out of stock

Track List

01 Naval Flavour 09 Chorale
02 Adm. Simpson Anderson March 10 The Youth of Britain
03 Inkomo (African Vocal) 11 The Shadow of your smile (Soloist: Randal Finck)
04 On the Quarterdeck 12 Clarinet Concerto (Shaw) (Soloist: Willie van Zyl)
05 Nginesiponono Sase Thekwini 13 Special Star (Soloist: Riekus Bresler)
06 Wellington 14 Kaleidoscope (Soloist: Mike Oldham)
07 Gershwin (Selection) 15 Joyful, Joyful (International Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army)
08 Swan Lake Waltz 16 Hallelujah Chorus (International Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army)

CD Cover - Celebration Part 3 - out of stock Out of stock

Track List

01 Fanfare for Band 11 Finale, 4th Symphony, Tchaikowsky
02 Hooked on Soweto 12 Granada (Solist: Sea E. Twala)
03 Naba Bantu (Soloist: LS M.S. McDonald) 13 Copacabana
04 Frei Weg 14 Sarie Marais
05 Marimba No. 1 15 Avulegile (Soloist: LS P. Mkhize)
06 Kalinka 16 Eternal Father (Lodsworth)
07 Songs of South Africa 17 Misty (Soloist: WO2 W.J. van Zyl)
08 Sizo Hamba (Soloist: LS N.D. Segale) 18 Military Goes Africa
09 Township Jazz 19 SA National Anthem
10 Happy Hippo (Soloist: LS. R. Bresler)    


The piccolo (from the
Italian word “Small”)
is a small flute which sounds an
octave higher than the Flute

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