Warrant Officer 2 Gordon Padayachee

Band Tuition Coordinator



Warrant Officer Gordon Padayachee joined the South African Navy Band in 2001 having transferred from the now de-commissioned SAS JELSENA Band. He is Group Leader qualified and is the percussion section leader. Gordon is an accomplished percussionist having mastered both the tuned an non-tuned percussion instruments in the Band. He is a regular soloist with the band. Gordon plays side drum on the march, percussion in the Concert Band and is the regular kit drummer in the Dance/Stage Bands.

Music taste: Jazz, big band, Indian music
Hobbies: Movies, cooking, socialising

Gordon's role in the Band is to:

a. Co-ordinate all practical musical training between members of the Band and professional civilian tutors;
b. Guide musicians in the Band with regards to syllabus requirements of the various external music colleges and institutions;
c. Be responsible for the administration, training and control of musicians within his musical section;
d. Assist the Bandmaster and/or Director of Music in the daily functioning of the Band both musically and functionally;
e. Be responsible for the conducting and training of an instrumental group of the Band; and
f. Be responsible for the training and instruction of musicians regarding the maintenance of instruments and equipment.