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2004 Onwards...

Commander Kenny Leibbrandt was privileged to be appointed Director of Music of this prestigious band with its rich history on 1 June 2004.

In 2006, the South African Navy Band became the first band from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to perform in St Petersburg, Russia. Later that year, the Bandís Marimba Group entertained members of the SANDF who were undertaking peacekeeping operations in Burundi, Central Africa.

Stalwarts like Warrant Officer Willie van Zyl and Warrant Officer Jabulani Mkhize
hold the audience captive

In 2007 the South African Navy Band travelled to England to participate in the 90th commemoration of the sinking of the SS MENDI. (The SS MENDI was a troopship carrying over 600 hundred Black South African soldiers to France when she was accidently rammed by an allied ship. Most of the men were drowned as a result of the collision and she sank in the English Channel in February 1917.)

In 2008 the Band once again participated at the 44th Music Show of the Nations in Bremen, Germany.

In the six years that Commander Leibbrandt has been at the helm, the Band has continued to develop as an internationally recognised military band.


The Bass Drum
is the largest
and deepest
of the

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