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Hooked on Soweto

The Concert Band does on average 25 concerts a year.


The Concert Band

The Concert Band is one of the foremost bands in South Africa. It comprises all 47 members of the South African Navy Band. The Band has a vast and diverse concert programme which includes music representing all of South Africa’s eleven cultural groups. The standard repertoire includes typical Western music such as light classical pieces, big band and jazz numbers, and marches to name but a few. However, the uniqueness of the Band is that it includes traditional African music and instruments, such as the marimbas and djembe drums, in its concert programme.

Annual dry dock concert

'In the world of civilian entertainment, they have earned the highest recognition '

In the world of civilian entertainment, they have earned the highest recognition after regular guest appearances at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, with standing ovations at every performance. An accolade from the Fair Lady Magazine stated “This slick ensemble took the Festival by storm and has (like President Mandela) become something of a national treasure”.

Chief of the SA Navy Gala Concert

The South African Navy Band has performed at all the main concert venues throughout South Africa. It was selected to participate in the opening of the International Conference Centre, Durban, and then to perform the first Gala Concert at this prestigious venue. The Band has on two occasions shared concerts with Ladysmith Black Mambaso and the Drakensberg Boys Choir, bringing the crowds to their feet and being acclaimed by the Mayor of Ladysmith as “one of South Africa’s national assets”.

Sea Power Symposium

Internationally, the Concert Band has performed in Scotland, Germany and Russia. At all these venues the Band received many standing ovations.

The Concert Band performs an average of 25 concerts a year. One of the highlights of its annual concert programme is the Chief of the South African Navy’s Gala Concert, held in Pretoria.

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