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Hooked on Soweto

Chamber Group

One of the latest musical genres added to the South African Navy Band is the Chamber Group quartet, aptly named ‘Sea Chord’. In music, a quartet (French: quatuor; German: quartett; Italian: quartetto) is a method used to perform a musical composition comprising four parts.

The instruments played in the group are two flutes, a clarinet and a violoncello. These instruments are sometimes substituted by an oboe and a bassoon. Inspired by their love of classical music, the members of the Navy Band took their own initiative to start this quartet.

The function of the quartet is to play background music at official and less official dinners, funerals and memorial services. On occasion, the group has also provided preliminary music at high-profile Navy Band concerts.

Most of the music played by the quartet is light classical music. The quartet also includes African traditional songs in its repertoire. Most of the music is arranged and acquired by the members themselves.

Many prestigious events have been graced by the music of ‘Sea Chord’, including performances at the 3rd Sea Power Symposium, the Chaplain General’s Conference, the Chief of the South African Navy’s World Hydrographic Gala Concert held in Durban, as well as at a few of the Chief of the Navy’s formal dinners.

The ‘Sea Chord’ musicians’ passion, enjoyment and love for music can be closely heard in their performances. What a DELIGHTFUL TEAM!


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