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Listen to the SA Navy Band
Yehla Moya

1989 to 2004

SA Navy Band 1994

Grahamstown National Arts Festival - 1996

SA Navy Band in concert - Emden 2003

Bandmaster Norman Carless leading the band on the march - Emden 2003

SA Navy Band routine - Edinburgh Tattoo 2004

2004 South Africa Democracy 10 years concert

Anchor Player's concert- Simonsberg Theatre Commander Mike Oldham conducting

Buglers Holiday Helderberg Reserve

Centurion Park Concert - Commander Mike Oldham conducting

Combined concert with the Royal Marines at the V & A Waterfront (Willie van Zyl on clarinet)

Concert V & A Waterfront

SA Navy Band on the quayside - Simon's Town

SAN 75 Dry Dock Concert

Band soloists

Bandmaster Norman Carless leading the South African Navy Band in Simon's Town

Navy Band and Royal Marines Band concert at the V & A Waterfront - 1995

Outside the section of the Bandroom after the big fire in 2000

Band photo - 1990s


The clarinet is a single reed instrument
made from either plastic or
wood. The A Flat, B Flat and
Bass Clarinet are the most
commonly used in a Military Band.

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