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Yehla Moya


1954 to 1973 

Concert Recreation Hall Simon's Town - 1956

Newlands Rugby ground 1956

Band Leadership 1957 (from left to right Warrant Officer Charles Donne, Lieutenant John Imrie and Sub-Lieutenant R. Downey

Shackleton Funeral 16-8-1963

Cornet section of the South African Navy Band - 1960's

French horn section of the South African Navy Band - 1960s

Bandroom Full Band 1971

Band Portrait 1972

Church Parade - SAS President Kruger

Chief of the Navy Divisions Simon's Town

Field Marshal Montgomery visits Cape Town (Lieutenant Commander John Imrie is in the centre)

First Director - Lt JMM Imrie

Opening of Parliament. March past Salute - 1971

Paarl Advert

Right of Entry Simon's Town 1972

SA Navy Band group photograph

Percussion Section - Barsdorf, Porter, Marshall

Recreational Hall Simon's Town Dockyard - Rehearsal


The clarinet is a single reed instrument
made from either plastic or
wood. The A Flat, B Flat and
Bass Clarinet are the most
commonly used in a Military Band.

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