Name No Builders Launched Commissioned
SAS DRAKENSBERG A301 Sandock Austral, Durban 24 Apr 1986 11 Nov 1987


Displacement, tons: 6,000 light; 12 500 full load
Dimensions, feet (metres): 482,3 x 64 x 25,9 (147 x 19,5 x 7,9)
Main Machinery: 16, 320 hp(m) (12 MW); 1 shaft; cp prop; bow thruster
Speed, knots: 20+
Range, miles: 8,000 at 15kt
Complement: 96 (10 officers) plus 10 aircrew plus 22 spare
Cargo Capacity: 5,500 tons fuel; 750 tons ammunition and dry stores; 2 Delta 80 LCUs
Guns: 4 Oerlikon 20 mm GAM-BO1, 6 - 12,7 mm MGs
Helicopters: 2 SA 330H/J Oryx
Comment: SAS DRAKENSBERG is the largest ship built in South Africa and the first naval vessel to be completely designed in this country. In addition to her replenishment role she is employed on search and rescue duties, patrol and surveillance duties and has considerable potential for use in disaster relief. As well as LCUs, she carries two diving support boats and two RHIBs. Replenishment at sea is from two abeam positions or from the RAS deck astern. She is also equipped for jackstay and vertrep. She has two helicopter landing spots, one forward and one astern. SAS DRAKENSBERG’s main secondary role is the transport of consumables, but she can also be used to support small craft and transport a limited number of troops.


1 Hecla Class (AGS)

Name No Builders Launched Commissioned
SAS PROTEA A324 Yarrow (Shipbuilders) Ltd 14 July 1971 23 May 1972


Displacement, tons: 2,733 full load
Dimensions, feet (metres): 260,1 x 49,1 x 15,6 (79,3 x 15 x4,7)
Main Machinery: Diesel-electric; 3 MTU diesels; 3,840 hp (2,68 MW) sustained; 3 generators; 1 motor; 2,000 hp (1,49 MW); 1 shaft; cp prop; bow thruster
Speed, knots: 14
Range, miles: 12,000 at 11kt
Complement: 124 (10 officers)
Radars: Navigation: Racal Decca; I-band
Helicopters: 1 Alouette III
Comment: SAS PROTEA was laid down 20 July 1970 and launched on 14 July 1971. She is equipped for hydrographic survey with facilities for the collection of oceanographical data for which she is fitted with special communications equipment. She also carries a Polaris survey system, survey launches and facilities for helicopter operations. Her hull has also been strengthened for navigation in ice. She is also fitted with a passive roll stabilisation system. New engines were installed during a major refit in 1995-96. SAS PROTEA carries EGNG sidescan sonar and two survey boats.





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