Exercise ATLASUR XI (2018): 31 August 2018 to 21 September 2018

Information supplied by Lieutenant Commander Leverne Nsibande

Exercise ATLASUR is a multinational biennial exercise held between Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa. The exercise resolved from a Defense Corporation Agreement between the countries involved.


Exercise ATLASUR XI (2018) will take place in Simonís Town, South Africa from 31 August 2018 to 21 September 2018. Exercise ATLASUR XI will be hosted and lead by South Africa. The theme for Exercise ATLASUR XI (2018) is ďCombined we are combating illegal trade (human, drug & arms).Ē Argentina will not participate in this yearís exercise.

The following is a broad outline of the planned activities:

31 August-6 September: Alongside Phase 1 programme. Simonís Town harbour.
6-9 September: Sea Phase 1 programme. False Bay area
9-14 September: Sea Phase 2 programme. False Bay area and West coast area.
14-17 September: Alongside Phase 2 programme. Simonís Town harbour.
17-20 September: Sea Phase 2 programme. Simonís Town and West coast.
21 September: Conclusion of Exercise ATLASUR XI (2018).

The following assets will participate in Exercise ATLASUR XI (2018):

South African Navy: SAS AMATOLA, SAS PROTEA, SAS MANTHATISI and Maritime Reaction Teams (Boats, Reaction Force, Divers, Boarding).

South African Air Force: 1 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft, 1 Lynx embarked on SAS AMATOLA, 1 Medium Transport Helicopter (Oryx) and 2 Fighter Aircraft.

South African Military Health Service: 1 Medical Task Group

Brazil: BNS BARROSO (Frigate), 1 Super Lynx, 1 Platoon Special Forces (7 Members)

Uruguay: ROU GENERAL ARTIGAS (Replenishing Vessel), 1 Visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) Team.

The objectives of the exercise are:

  • To maintain, promote and build on previous operational and tactical co-operation between the Argentinian, Brazilian, Uruguayan and South African Joint Forces

  • Develop and test joint/combined doctrine and standard operating procedures

  • Exercise inter-operability in a Multinational simulated environment

  • Test sustainment during a period of high demand

  • To promote training of military personnel and provide Joint Force Preparation Training to SANDF elements

On conclusion of Exercise ATLASUR XI (2018) Uruguay will depart Simonís Town and Brazil will remain behind to participate in Exercise IBSAMAR VI (2018) which is scheduled to commence on 1 October 2018.