Reach for a dream - Aubrey Camphor visits SA Navy Submarine SAS MANTHATISI

Article and Photos by Shanton Prins

26 August 2017

The Reach for a Dream Foundation is a non-profit organisation that fulfils dreams of children that have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, with the strong belief in the power of dreams, to give hope to children fighting life-threatening illnesses through the fulfilment of their dreams.

The foundation, with the assistance of the SA Navy, helped a nine years old, Aubrey Camphor, from the Cape Flats, Lavender Hill fulfil his dream of visiting an SA Navy submarine. He suffers from lymphoblastic leukaemia also known as “All”, the most common type of cancer in children. Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow produces to many immature lymphocytes (type of white blood cells).

Aubrey Camphor, with the SAS MANTHATISI in the background

On Saturday 26 August 2017, Aubrey accompanied by his family and a representative from the Reach for a Dream Foundation visited SAS MANTHATISI, one of the three submarines in the SA Navy.

Nine year old Aubrey and Commander M. Brandt inside the battery charge hall

Aubrey going down the hatch, with the assistance of Leading Seaman Mphahlele

Upon arrival, the Engineering Officer, Commander M. Brandt welcomed the family and gave an introduction and history of the SA Navy submarines. Leading Seaman M.D. Mphahlele whom is an Electrical Engineer on board took the group on a guided tour, explaining different roles and functions of both a submarine and being a submariner in the SA Navy. Moreover affording some of the family members to look through the periscope, and Aubrey also had the opportunity to lay in one of the officers “bunks”. On completion of the tour Commander Brandt handed Aubrey a “Submarine Squadron beanie” as a gift.

The Officer Of the Day, Commander M. Brandt and Aubrey Camphor getting ready to go on board the Submarine

Aubrey making his comfortable in one of the officers bunks


Aubrey inside the galley of the submarine

Commander Brandt handing over a book to little Aubrey

The SA Navy prides itself in assisting the Reach for a Dream Foundation in a growing legacy that affords terminally ill children a chance to fulfil their dreams. The smile on Aubrey’s face was evidence that he got a chance to make his dream a reality.

Aubrey showing off his new beanie which were given to him as a gift from the Submarine Squadron

The Camphor family