Signing of Code of Conduct and Certificate Ceremony onboard SAS SARAH BAARTMAN

Article and photos by AB Shanton Claude Prins
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SAS SARAH BAARTMAN was recently commissioned under the command of Commander John Annandale Verster on 19 June 2012.  The Ships Company consists of 25 members, of which two are officers (OC and XO), two warrant officers (1 Coxswain) five senior rates, and sixteen junior rates.

OC of SAS SARAH BAARTMAN Cdr Vester and FMAA (CWO) I. Kirchner and BMAA WO Vika

On Friday 6 July 2012 a certificate ceremony and the signing of the Code of Conduct was held onboard SAS SARAH BAARTMAN, with the Fleet Master at arms, CWO I. Kirchner as the guest of honour, and the Base Master at arms, WO1 L. Vika was also present at the ceremony.

A scripture reading and prayer was done by LS N.P. Matsapola who is currently serving onboard SAS SARAH BAARTMAN.

PO W.C. Wagner signing the code of conduct

Sea Van der Hoven signing the code of conduct

The Officer Commanding, Commander John Annandale Verster, handed over the certificate for Military Artisans, in the mustering Diesel Fitter, to PO Randall Stemmet.

The Fleet Master at Arms CWO I. Kirchner handed over the certificates of appreciation for dedication to duty, pride, determination and selfless displayed during the integration process of SAS SARAH BAARTMAN to the following members:

• PO R. Stemmet
• LS S.S. Makhudu
• Sea B.J. Malawana

FMAA (CWO) Kirchner handing over a certificate to PO Stemmet

The guest of honour, Fleet Master at arms CWO I. Kirchner addressed the ships company and said, “I am very proud of the ships company, and members should ensure that we at all times commit to the code of conduct.”

After the signing of the code conduct and the certificate ceremony, refreshments were served at the SAS SARAH BAARTMAN’s wardroom.