The SA Navy Bids Farewell to Master Hyde in a Traditional Naval Manner

Article by LS Tumi Sehloho
Photos by PO M.J. Mbiza

On Thursday 28 May 2009, members of the SA Navy Command Council, together with some members of the Fleet Board, held a traditional naval mess dinner at the Naval Mess to bid farewell to the Master at Arms of the Navy, WO1 M.A. Hyde, who is retiring after 40 years of dedicated service to the SA Navy.

C Navy, Mrs Mudimu, Mrs Hyde and Master Hyde

The mess dinner commenced with grace said by the Flag Captain. R Adm (JG) D.J. Christian then said a few words about the wonderful memories of the times when Master Hyde was still a coxswain and his life at sea.

C Navy expressed his gratitude in his farewell words to Master Hyde and his family. He continued and said, “All that you see and have become is a clear testimony of the life lived with sacrifice and patriotism. I stand here to say farewell to the hero found amongst us. He can know fully well that his journey ends where many others begin”.



C Navy handing over a token of appreciation to Master Hyde

Master Hyde giving his speech

The SA Navy wishes Master Hyde all the best in his future endeavours and a blissful retirement.