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Dress Prescript
Dress No 1A ,1AW ,1B ,1BW , medals, aguillettes, sword knot
Dress No 2, 2W, Medal Ribbons
Dress 3AW Semi-Formal Summer Dress, Dress No 3B, Dress No 3C, Tricon, Side Cap, Windbreaker
Dress 4 Action Working Dress, Variations, Position of Side Cap
Dress No 5 Mess Dress, Tecnical Specs
Dress No 6, Sport Parade, Physical Training, Boat Pulling
Dress No 7, Protective and Specialist Clothing
Hair Regulations
Beard Regulations
Nails, Watches, Rings and Earings





The maximum length for women's nails is 5 mm. The maximum length for men's nails is 2 mm. Women who use nail polish shall use a single colour that compliments the uniform. No extreme colour variation, such as blue, green or black, may be used.


Watches must compliment the uniform.


Only the ring finger of each hand may be adorned with a ring.

Bracelets, Lakshmi Arm Bands and Straps

A Medic Alert bracelet or neck pendant worn inside the shirt, may be worn on either wrist or around the neck.

Lakshmi strings may be worn for religious purposes.

A copper bracelet may be worn on either wrist for medical purposes.

Insiphandla (piece of cattle or goat skin, indicating a right of passage) may be worn on the wrist.


Females may only wear one earring of a matching set in the in the lobe of each ear. Plain gold or silver ear studs or mounted with a pearl, diamond or zirconia, maximum size of 7 mm, may be worn. Gold or silver sleeper earrings with a maximum thickness of 3 mm and a maximum diameter of 15 mm may be worn.

NOTE: Bottu/titak may be worn continually (red marriage dot worn between the eyes of married women of the Hindu faith).