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Dress No 1A ,1AW ,1B ,1BW , medals, aguillettes, sword knot
Dress No 2, 2W, Medal Ribbons
Dress 3AW Semi-Formal Summer Dress, Dress No 3B, Dress No 3C, Tricon, Side Cap, Windbreaker
Dress 4 Action Working Dress, Variations, Position of Side Cap
Dress No 5 Mess Dress, Tecnical Specs
Dress No 6, Sport Parade, Physical Training, Boat Pulling
Dress No 7, Protective and Specialist Clothing
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Dress No 3AW Semi-Formal SummerDress No3 Technical Specs and Removal of Headdress  
  Position of Tricorn | Position of Cap  | Dress No 3B Service Dress (Non Seasonal)  
  Dress No 3B Service Dress (Variations) | Dress No 3B Technical Specs
  Dress No 3C Service Dress (Non Seasonal)  | Dress No 3C Service Dress Variations 
 Dress No 3C Technical Specs | Side Cap & Windbreaker Technical Specs

Dress No 3AW
 Technical Specifications


Removal of Headdress

  • When requested by an appropriate authority.
  • As and when religious practices requires it.
  • On entering an eating establishment.
  • When seated at sport meetings, the theatre and similar occasions.
  • When traveling in any means of transport.
  • When taking an oath.