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Naval Sword Knot

Separate the bridle, ie the smaller piece with hook and eye, and the loop from which the knot is actually suspended, from the hilt.

Then separate the two pieces from each other and remove the small muff.

Marry the bridle and looped end of the knot as in Fig a, remembering to leave one tail of the bridle one inch longer than the other. This is so that it can be passed through one of the two lower holes of the hilt, then upwards to fasten inside the hilt. Before fastening the hook and eye replace the muff on one or other of the tails, hook the two pieces or ends together and cover with the muff.

Make the initial turn in the “figure of eight” as shown in Fig b. Continue to draw in on the slack, drawing the knot inside the hilt, to pass between the bridle and the hand-shield. Follow this through by passing the knot over the original turn, then down and through the loop thus made, as in Fig c.

Square off the “figure of eight” and draw tight.

The knot is sometimes carried in what is know unofficially as court or ceremonial style. This can be achieved in the same way as the above, except that the knot does not pass inside the hilt. It has the effect of making a neater knot, but one which is more pendulous and which will swing too readily for practical use by officers carrying drawn swords.