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Dress No 1A Ceremonial Dress (Black) | Dress No1A (Variations)
Dress No 1A Technical Specs | Dress 1AW Ceremonial Dress (White)
Dress 1AW (Variations) | Dress No 1AW Technical Specs | Medals Technical Specs
 Aiguillettes with Dress No 1A & 1AW | Naval Sword Knot
Dress No 1B | Dress No 1BW

Dress No 1B 

Uniform Description

  • Cap/Tricorn with cap badge.
  • White, long-sleeved shirt.
  • Black tie.
  • Black jacket.
  • Name plate on right panel.
  • Proficiency badge on right panel.
  • Affiliation badge on right panel.
  • Medals on left panel.
  • Qualification badge on left panel.
  • Shoulder titles (South Africa) on top of sleeves.
  • Males:  Black trousers.
  • Females:  Black slacks/skirt.
  • Black belt.
  • Black socks with trousers.
  • Females:  Mexican Silver, Quick Silver or Blackmail stockings with skirt when wearing court shoes or flat shoes.
  • Females:  Black socks or above-mentioned colour stockings with slacks when wearing flat black shoes.

Dress No 1B is Worn on the Following Occasions

  • Spectators at arrival and departure of Heads of State.
  • Arrival and departure of other VIPs.
  • Spectators at Courts of Military Appeal.
  • Dedication and thanks giving services.
  • Official photographs.