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Nodal Points

Country Rank & Name Appointment

Lt A. Lopez Staff Officer Maritime Co-Operation
Botswana Col M. Mukokomani Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff Operations
DRC Capt L. Mata Linguma Chief of Operations Department & Training
Lesotho Lt Col T. Ntsohi Director Operations and Training
Malawi Maj H.B. Dzoole Chief of Malawi Defence Force Marine Unit
Mozambique Cdr M.L. Mulungo Chief of Co-Operation/MGM
Namibia Lt Cdr F.K. Negumbo SO2 Operations, Training & Doctrine
South Africa R Adm (JG) M.J. Josias Director Naval Policy and Doctrine, Navy Office
Swaziland Maj A.S. Fakudze Swaziland Defence Force
Tanzania Col J.E. Karia Commandant Tanzanian Naval Training School
Zambia Col J.A. Buluwayo Director of Engineers
Zimbabwe Lt Col A. Muteranduwa Staff Officer 1 Programmes & Costing