Navy Divers serve onboard ships

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The SA Navy Divers offers young men and women excellent diving training opportunities which are both physically and psychologically challenging.

Navy Divers serve onboard ships. They are also functional to provide assistance in rescue operations and humanitarian missions nationally and to neighbouring countries.

After completion of basic training at SAS SALDANHA, all MSD candidates wanting to qualify as Divers in the South African Navy must first complete the rigorous pre-selection phase which includes swimming and general fitness training.

Successful candidates can then commence with the strenuous Diving training to qualify as a Part 1 Diver and to operate to a depth of 39m.

The Diving training consists of a four month Part 1 Divers learning opportunity at the Navy Diving School in Simon’s Town. Swimming, running, upper body strength exercises and general PT all form part of the daily programme. The majority of the exercises take place in the water.

After completion of the Part 1 Divers Course, Divers later undergo further substantial training to prepare them for the Clearance Diving Part 1 learning opportunity.

This course includes Boat Coxswains Part 1, for small boat handling, a certificated course done in conjunction with the South African Maritime Standards Authority (SAMSA) and Diving First Aid, which focuses on the safety aspects of Diving.

A fully qualified Clearance Diver is qualified to do Diving Supervision, Deep Diving Training and the disposal of Underwater Explosives. The qualified Diver is responsible for Underwater Damage Control, Basic Underwater Ship Repair Tasks, Submarine Rescue, Underwater Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Underwater Sabotage Device Disposal as well as Air/Sea Rescue.

Divers also assist the South African Police, Disaster Management, Marine and Coastal Management and other Government organisations. Divers even render assistance to distressed marine mammals.

It takes guts, determination and teamwork to qualify as a Diver and the satisfaction of belonging to this elite family and doing your country proud is worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears.

Divers inserting salvage pipes to recover a submarine pontoon


Enquiries can be directed to: SA Navy Recruitment Centre at (012) 339 4252 or (012) 339 4421.

Mail: Navy Headquarters, Department of Defence, Private Bag X 104, Pretoria, 0001, Recruitment Section

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