Control, operate and maintain all weapons onboard


The South African Navy’s Gunnery Branch is made up of members trained as Weapons Operators whose duties onboard ships are mainly to control, operate and maintain all weapons onboard and the safe stowage of ammunition.

Member’s interested in becoming a Gunner must be:

  • Medically fit for sea
  • Not have a speech impediment
  • Have no hearing deficiencies (no hearing aids, for obvious reasons)
  • Have no eye deficiencies in respect of colour blindness, as colour plays an important role in distinguishing between Friend and Foe and System Status.

MSD learners in this mustering undergo a six months Gunnery learning opportunity conducted at the Maritime Warfare Training Centre in Simon’s Town and include:

  • Basic operation of the Target Designation Systems, which is one of the sub-units of the Fire Control System
  • Command and Control of all Close Range Weapons and the operation thereof
  • The Combat Management System – a learner must be able to identify and understand the Operations Centre setup with regard to operator’s consoles and the weapons used
  • Operational safety
  • The identification of ammunition and pyrotechnics by means of colour, stencil and hazard markings
  • Small arms used by the South African Navy and how to strip, assemble and operate them in the field.

The Small Arms Module is SAQA (South African Quality Agency) accredited which is a requirement in the private sector, if you own a fire arm. It can also open doors for you for employment in the security industry.

Well-disciplined sailors are needed here. So if you want to be at the sharp end of the South African Navy, this is definitely the mustering for you!!!

A Gunner operating a 20mm Oerlikon



Enquiries can be directed to: SA Navy Recruitment Centre at (012) 339 4252 or (012) 339 4421.

Mail: Navy Headquarters, Department of Defence, Private Bag X 104, Pretoria, 0001, Recruitment Section

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