Dedicated chefs and stewards

Part 1

The SA Navy conducts its own hospitality service and hence requires professional and dedicated chefs and stewards to fulfil this function. MSD sailors who are interested in becoming chefs or stewards are sent to the Catering School in Simon’s Town for a 7-weeks Caterers’ Part 1 course. During this course they are introduced to subjects for both Chefs and Stewards, which means that they can be used in either field.

The following modules are covered during the course:

  • Galley Safety
  • Victuals
  • Basic Principles of Cookery
  • Food Preparation
  • Organisation of a Wine and Bar Service
  • Menu Planning and Nutrition
  • Art of Entertainment
  • Hygiene of Equipment and Utensils
  • A Practical Evaluation.

On successful completion of the course members are awarded a Certificate of Competency, which is recognised by many civilian catering organisations.

Members can work as Chefs or Stewards, ashore or onboard a vessel. Duties as a Chef includes preparing and cooking at least 3 meals a day and the Stewards generally do housekeeping, serving of meals and bartending in the Wardroom and at special events. People in this career must have a keen interest in Catering, be creative and full of initiative.

LS C. Mahlangu, the Junior Chef of the Year competition winner 2010



Enquiries can be directed to: SA Navy Recruitment Centre at (012) 339 4252 or (012) 339 4421.

Mail: Navy Headquarters, Department of Defence, Private Bag X 104, Pretoria, 0001, Recruitment Section

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