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'a choice of two musterings'

The nature of the SA Navy’s communication requirements necessitates that all formal communication is conducted in a secure format. Thus the Communication mustering is very important to safeguard the integrity of communication within the SA Navy.

MSD members who wish to be trained as Telecommunications Ratings in the South African Navy have a choice of two musterings i.e. Radio Communication or Telecommunication Tactical.

Radio Communication entails communicating by means of radio frequencies. Tactical Communication entails communicating by visual means i.e. flags, semaphore and flashing light.

The entry requirements to become a Telecommunications Rating are:

  • Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science as school subjects
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Have no speech impediments
  • Have at least applied for a Confidential Security Clearance.

The MSD sailors who enter this branch have to complete the Communication Part 1 course which is nine months long and is held at the Maritime Warfare Training Centre in Simon’s Town.

Some of the subjects covered include Morse Code, Telex Net Ceremonial, Flags and Pennants, Voice and Radio Procedures, Flashing Lights, Semaphore and Microsoft Word.

Radio Communicators are employed onboard warships and at the Naval Communications Centres in Cape Town and Durban.

Tactical Communicators are employed onboard warships and at the Main Signal Offices in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria.

Communication being displayed during a Helicopter Landing Exercise



Enquiries can be directed to: SA Navy Recruitment Centre at (012) 339 4252 or (012) 339 4421.

Mail: Navy Headquarters, Department of Defence, Private Bag X 104, Pretoria, 0001, Recruitment Section

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