SA Navy recruitment process unpacked

The SA Navy as an attractive employer of choice aims at recruiting suitable candidates to satisfy its requirements. The SA Navy strives to attract the right quality and quantity of skilled or potential employees/members (uniform or civilian) in order to meet the Departments’ strategic and operational objectives.

The recruiting team hand at work sorting out applications

the DoD has a training programme called Military Skills Development (MSD) programme

The process starts by identifying the Human Resource needs of the organisation just like in any organisation. However the DoD has a training programme called Military Skills Development (MSD) programme which aims at developing the youth by giving them a variety of skills which they can utilise in and outside the DoD. The MSD is the main feeder of the SA Navy essentially for members who wish to serve in uniform. The SA Navy informs prospective applicants of the opportunities by placing an advertisement on National Newspapers as well as the Navy and the DoD website.

Applications are received from all provinces and are captured on the system. Once the application period is closed the paper selection will commence. Qualifying candidates will be short listed to be invited for the MSD Selection. The NHQ will communicate with South African Medical Health and Service (SAMHS) via D HR ACQ or directly to secure available dates for Psychometric Test, Pre-employment Medical Assessments and Interviews respectively.

After confirmation of suitable dates from SAMHS, the SAN will invite qualifying candidates to attend a selection board and will be contacted via telephone or written letter. Read more here...

Military Skills Development Programme

Recruits are provided with various skills

The Military Skills Development (MSD) Programme is a two year programme that encompasses the philosophy of lifelong learning to equip new recruits with the knowledge, skills and experience to make them employable and marketable within the South African Navy, as well as in the public and private sectors.

Recruits are provided with various skills ranging from Seamanship, Environmental Awareness, Musketry, Computer Skills, Basic Financial Management Skills, Hygiene and Discipline to Work Ethics.

All basic training in the South African Navy begins at SAS SALDANHA in Saldanha Bay, where Military Training for Ratings (MTR) takes place.

Officer training is carried out at the SA Naval College in Gordon’s Bay, whilst specialist training is conducted at SAS SIMONSBERG in Simon’s Town.

At SAS SALDANHA candidates are selected to go to the SA Naval College where they will undergo intensive officer training before filling posts in the Combat, Logistics, Personnel and Engineering branches of the SA Navy.

Junior Ratings will receive specialised training for utilisation in musterings (functional areas) such as Combat Operators, Divers, Protection Force, Hospitality, Logistics, Radar Operators, Engine Room Attendants and Personnel Clerks.

MTO1 Students during their Passing Out Parade

After a period of two years service, suitable MSD members will be recruited into the Core Service System. The remainder will be transferred to the Reserve Force for a period of five years where they will be used in posts to complement the Full Time Force.

Those leaving the Navy on completion of MSD training will be equipped with skills that will make them competitive in the labour market.

Teamwork is paramount in ensuring that there are no injuries during the gun run display,
which is one of the highlights of the SAS SALDANHA Graduation Ceremony



Enquiries can be directed to: SA Navy Recruitment Centre at (012) 339 4252 or (012) 339 4421.

Mail: Navy Headquarters, Department of Defence, Private Bag X 104, Pretoria, 0001, Recruitment Section

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